Executive Committee

Stewart Johnstone


Stewart has been a Rogers Employee for 15 years. He joined the Union in 1999, when he was hired as an Installation Technician, further to his role as an Installation Technician, he acquired the role of a Senior Technician in 2005. Stewart was elected by the membership as the Vice President in 2008. Stewart was then approached by his peers to take on the role of President. Further to this, the membership voted and elected Stewart as President early February 2010. His keen attitude towards helping others, and devoting his time to ensure that every member is provided fair and equitable treatment is held in the highest regard. He is committed to see, Metro Cable become a stronger, and more effective Union.

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Kelly Smith-McEachern

Vice President

 I have been an employee of Rogers Communications since September 1999, and a Metro Cable Association Member since 2001.  During my tenure at Rogers, I have performed a variety of Jobs. I have worked in the Call Centre, Installations Control, Work order Control, and, Installation and Service Dispatch.  My Husband Darryl is also an employee at Rogers Communications and a Union member, He has been an HES Technician, Service Technician, Maintenance Technician and is currently a Construction Technician in MOB. To say that I am invested in this Union Membership and the work at Rogers Communications would be an understatement.  I was the Secretary for the Metro Association from May 2006 until January 2015.  I was elected Vice President in Early 2015.  I am extremely passionate about our Collective and Agreement and our Membership. My expertise includes, The Grievance Procedure, Career development, Work place accommodations, WSIB claims when injured at work, Short term disability, Long term disability, Severance and Negotiations. I have over 10 years experience in all of these areas and look forward to sharing this experience and knowledge with membership as well anyone who may have an interest in Labour Relations.  I have spent the last 3 years working on my Human Resources Diploma Part-time.  The information that I have learned while taking these courses has been a huge asset for my success in assisting The Metro Cable Association Membership.  I am confident that with membership assistance we can continue to work together to create a sustainable future for the Metro Cable Association Membership. 

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Evan George


Evan George has been a Rogers employee since he was Hired as an Installations Technician in 1999 at which point he became a member of the Metro Cable Association. Before that he spent 10 years working in the Cable industry. His excellent work ethics led him to the role of Senior Installs Tech in 2005. His commitment to his customers and his co-workers is well known and acknowledged. He does not rest until a problem is resolved. In 2007 he became the Treasurer of the Metro Cable Association, and since has been diligent in ensuring that the fiscal responsibilities of the Executive Committee are met. Through hard work, and accountability he has gained the respect of his peers, and fellow members

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Vincent Cheung

Chief Shop Steward

Vincent has been with Rogers since 2000, he joined the union when he was promoted to NTMC formerly know as XSR in 2005. In 2007 was promoted to Senior Analyst, and is currently in this role. Vincent was elected as Chief Shop Steward in 2010. His dedication to the Union and its membership is undoubtedly recognized, and he continues to engage with the membership to build a stronger foundation for tomorrow. Supporting the committee to face new challenges and improving the working conditions for all our members.

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